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My Choice

Mental Health Counseling PLLC

Asking for help is hard, so most people put it off. It takes so courage.  We cannot change the past  but we don't have to live there forever.  There is hope and comfort in knowing that change is possible.  Life is too short and precious to live confused, discouraged or lonely.


Stressed Woman

Individual Counseling

The same way we are encouraged to take care of our physical bodies, it is equally important to practice mental and emotional self-care. Maybe you feel stuck or facing a challenge that you need to talk through. Or maybe you have a more significant mental health issue that you would like to address. No matter what you are struggling with your  experiences make sense. I'm honored to help you.

Couple in Winter Scenery

Couples Counseling

The process of talking to a complete stranger about your relationship may seem daunting. One of the benefits is having access to someone you can speak freely with about your relationship.

-It can help clarify your feelings about the relationship.

-Deepen intimacy and connection

-Help resolve relationship road blocks.

Family Shopping Together


and Family Counseling

Managing family stressors can be difficult when we don't have the tools to manage them.  Let's help make your home environment feel less stressed and more relaxed.

Elder Couple

Senior Counseling

Whether you or a loved one living alone,  there are a variety of physical, mental and emotional challenges that come with aging.  I am here to help with your coping and communication skills. Times have changed and our responsibilities as one ages aren't as we imagined.


My mission is to create a warm, emotionally safe and compassionate environment for all  which is always kind, understanding and non-judgmental.  My goal is to match each individual with the specific treatment, that will best support your well-being and help you  recognize and integrate your own unique resources.

"Remember if you are are not speaking it, you are storing it, and that get's heavy"

~ Christina Isabel

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